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Finally, I was being a little persistent and I knocked and he found out who it was. Phil's memoir "Happy, Happy, Happy"was a 1 best seller and has sold close to one million copies to date.

Our Founding Fathers understood the merits of virtue. Phil Robertson, loved hunting more than he loved football. Editing controversy[ edit ] InPhil Robertson stated on Sports Spectrum, a Christian sports publication, that he confronted producers about editors of the show telling them not to say Jesus' name while praying at the end of episodes, and that they added intermittent bleep censors over random portions of the cast's unscripted dialogue although there was no profanity being spoken.

I forgot about that. He was the best, maybe the Phil robertson that ever was.

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Clearly he was a fine shot, so no one complained too much. He was just an old country boy then, too. Phil was fast to apologize and insist he adores and values every sort of man in the whole world.

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In Phil robertson words, I understood I had to get that sucker to them with no delay. In his book, Happy, Happy, Happy, [7] Robertson recalls that "It was the s when I was a young boy, but we lived like it was the s Playing football was a game.

A family dinner is the typical scene that ends each episode. It had been viewed as a vast development of a duck phone that has been used in those days.

In they offeredIn this case you either have to convert them, which I think would be next to impossible. I loved the game and throwing touchdown passes was fun, but at that time, in other words 44 years ago all the way to now, what gave me more of an adrenaline rush, my man, was big bunches of mallard ducks raining down through the trees.

Today Phil owns and operates the business alongside his four sons, and wife Kay who have all helped turn Duck Commander into a thriving multi-million dollar business empire that includes DVDs, merchandise, books and more.

Phil Robertson: Our Country Needs Biblical Correctness NOT Political Correctness

He also told a long and graphic anecdote about an atheist and his family being murdered, and that the assailants would say "But you're the one who says there is no God, there's no right, there's no wrong, so we're just having fun.

Is Phil following Jesus? What are you gonna do? As a little kid, looking back on it, I could always throw farther than all the other kids.

Phil Robertson

He aimed at building a demand duck killers, maybe not professional callers. Are they beyond all hope as Phil suggests? Such were many of us. He was a good leader. The property is owned by Robertson's cousin, Nathan Hale.

I would rather preach the gospel of Jesus to them. Lewis, defensive backs coach: They won the national championship that year. It is republished here with permission. And Robertson shared his thoughts on how to deal with the terrorist group: The real question should be, — does Phil speak for Jesus?Phil Robertson.

Born and raised in Vivian, Louisiana, Phil Robertson came from a large family with seven children and little money. Hunting was in his blood from early on. of results for "Phil Robertson" Click Try in your search results to watch thousands of movies and TV shows at no additional cost with an Amazon Prime membership.

unPHILtered: The Way I See It Sep 2, by Phil Robertson and Mark Schlabach. Hardcover. $ $ 15 08 $ Prime. Class am CST Sunday 1st Service and Live Stream am CST Sunday 2nd Service am CST Sunday Evening Service pm CST Wednesday Night Service.

Nov 17,  · The dynasty is ending (on television). On Wednesday, A&E announced that Duck Dynasty‘s current season will be its last. The A&E reality series — which follows the Robertsons, a. Find industry contacts & talent representation. Access in-development titles not available on IMDb.

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