Should gene testing be compulsory to

Data were gathered on underwriting practices, including requirements for diagnostic tests or physical examinations before an insurance policy can be issued. Proposed guidelines have suggested that another benefit of newborn screening "might take the form of inscription in registries for later reproductive counseling material PKU or of surveillance of phenotypes congenital adrenal hyperplasia.

In state programs for newborn screening, subsequent anonymous uses of samples for research may be undertaken. This can cause bone fractures, liver enlargement, and bleeding but most importantly, brain damage. Various legal decisions have protected confidentiality of health care information, 21 as have certain state and federal statutes.

The claims of the third parties to information, in breach of the fundamental principle of confidentiality, need to be analyzed, as indicated earlier, by assessing how serious the potential harm is, whether disclosure is the best way to avert the harm, and what the risk of disclosure might be.

If genetic disorders become reportable conditions due to the expansion of mandatory screening, public health practitioners could be faced with issues of disclosure. This type of screening has implications for influencing reproductive decisions. However, the spouse might have a great interest in the genetic information because he or she would like to protect any potential children from risk.

Genetic information is unlike other medical information. What seems more significant about these cases is whether or not embryos fall into the category of child i.

However, HCO A employees might have significant concerns about the fairness of such a policy and about their autonomygenetic privacy, and potential loss of employment opportunities if this requirement is implemented.

Human influenza A and B viruses cause seasonal epidemics of disease.

Ethical issues in predictive genetic testing: a public health perspective

Health care institutions also owe legal and ethical duties of care to patients. Another example of a potential genetic predisposition, in this case due to tissue sensitivity, would be hemolysis resulting from a G6PD deficiency. On the other hand, rules of confidentiality are often infringed through carelessness, for example, when health care professionals do not take adequate precautions to protect the confidential information.

Along with religious groups, the medical profession later became an opponent of eugenics and began demanding scientific proof of the benefit. They argue their child should be left alone. He also never married. While there is a good case for compulsory screening for diseases such as PKU in which the inborn errors in metabolism can effectively be treated, I concede that this type of screening could still potentially interfere with the "respect for individual choice in child-rearing matters" National Academy of Science It was determined through prenatal diagnosis that approximately 21, babies with chromosomal abnormalities alone are born each year in the USA.

The cost of the test is minimal and the blood is sent to the central laboratory on a blotter. Arch Pediatr Adolesc Med — The potential development of multiplex testing adds another wrinkle to the issue of informed consent for genetic testing. Currently it is permissible in most states to do medical underwriting based on genetic information.

Utilitarian considerations have also formed the basis of prenatal screening protocols for conditions that are likely to result in early childhood fatality or which result in severe or disabling childhood illness.

Genetic determinants are at the root of many cases of infertility, miscarriage, stillbirths, neonatal deaths, multiple malformations, retardation in growth and development, mental illness, and mental retardation.

In order to develop an informed decision-making client, counseling for genetic disorders becomes necessary Headings Originally, health insurance was based on health risks for entire communities, known as community rating, rather than on individual rating of health risks or conditions.

If a tendency to abuse alcohol, for example, were to have a genetic predisposition, an additional argument could be made for providing the same level of health care to everyone since a person does not choose his or her genetic propensities. Later access to DNA samples or to the profiles for other purposes should be permitted only when a a court orders the information to be released, b the data are to be anonymously studied, or c the individual from whom the sample was obtained provides written permission.

A majority of individuals with PKU suffer from a deficiency of phenylalanine hydroxlase enzyme, which can lead to mental retardation Finley Occupational genetic screening should be voluntary and conducted under a strict contract, which would eliminate the possibility of dismissal or hiring discrimination based on the results.

The prenatal detection of genetic disease should be used to prepare parents for the important decisions to be made after the birth of the child. Council on Scientific Affairs. Hastings Cent Rep — Journal of the American Medical Association 2: Even though respect for autonomy is centrally important in our society, it is not absolute.

On the other hand, there are disadvantages to the reporting of such information to parents. Although there may be no legal obligation to single out relatives as creating a special duty for physicians, the knowledge that a defined, unknowing relative is at high risk for a serious or life-threatening, treatable disease may allow rare exceptions to the principle of confidentiality.

Judgments about such cases depend on the probability of serious harm occurring unless confidentiality is breached. A number of cases from the literature are reviewed, as well as the moral theories that have dominated public health and medical practice in the United States.

The screening of newborns for PKU is the best example of this type. Practices of medical underwriting in health insurance reflect what is often called "actuarial fairness"-that is, grouping those with similar risks together so insurers can accurately predict costs, and set fair and sufficient premium rates.

Legislation has been introduced to extend the definition of disability to a "genetic or medically identified potential of, or predisposition toward, a physical or mental impairment that substantially limits a major life activity.Genetic testing when there is a mix of compulsory and voluntary health insurance.

Author links open have been identified, and the US Food and Drug Administration has approved a gene-based test that may help to predict the recurrence of breast cancer.

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We assumed that voluntary insurance is a supplement to compulsory insurance. It should. Should Gene Testing Be Compulsory to Unborn Children Essay Gene testing on unborn children is a revolutionary method that is available to doctors and would-be parents of late. The main objective of gene testing is to know whether parents are carriers of any genes that could hypothetically cause a.

Why Genetic Screening Should Be Mandatory (like Tay Sachs) that arise from the mutation of one specific gene, rather than on characteristics such as height or weight, which involve complex and. As a result of the increase in genetic testing and the fear of discrimination by insurance companies, employers, and society as a result of genetic testing, the disciplines of.

Genetic screening promises to be an ever-increasing part of health care, because predictive medicine is an important part of preventive medicine.

However, proper safeguards are necessary to protect or alleviate the human risks involved. When physicians at University College in London last month announced the birth of what they described as the world's first "breast-cancer gene-free baby," a designer infant pre-screened for the BRCA1 cancer gene, critics focused public debate on the question of whether or not such screening should be permitted.

Should gene testing be compulsory to
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