The continual use of similes and metaphors in the iliad by homer

Problematic books In addition, I have ordered each chapter to show the clearest examples of the various functions of the simile within the narrative.

There are several examples of extended similes that can be noted. Using specific details and evidence enables the reader to trust the author in a more respectable way. Achilles and Hephaestus are the dominant figures, each in his half of the book. Gods as Metaphor A good example of the use of gods as metaphor presents itself in book IV.

Odysseus broke down as the famous minstrel sang this lay, and his cheeks were wet with the tears that ran down from his eyes.

At this point it is necessary to raise a problem. A lifetime of story telling shaped the Greek thought process in story telling. Throughout their conversation Penelope questions and probes the beggar so deftly that she shows how deeply she has read and understood tokens which seem innocent on the surface.

His tales have reached each new land, and even his home, even though he himself could not.

The Continual Usage of Similes and Metaphors in The Iliad by Homer

The goddess Pallas Athena graces Penelope with her form. Similes are so important a device for Homer that it is possible to analyze his compositional technique in corresponding settings.

One example is the lion that started out attacking, but finally must change his direction and slink away: There is no doubt that action does develop in these lines, but there are gaps between the three sentences where questions are left unanswered.

Instead he continues on with his family. Hyperbole and litotes likewise effect the atmosphere. This is such a shocking image that Shakespeare later uses a similar example in Macbeth when Macbeth's wife makes a speech where she discusses bashing the brains of her future baby against the rocks to encourage Macbeth to kill King Duncan.

Homers technique in employing the similes and metaphors is fairly simple; they are everywhere.

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In Book 16 Achilleus is called shepherd of the people 2. Here the hyperbolic response is because the minstrel is singing the tale of Odysseus, himself. This music can be a fearful siren's call; show the folly of those in a festive gathering who should not be at "play" such as the suitors of Odysseus' wife; or show emphasis on the success of a society that has the resources for entertainment.

This paragraph retains much of its original intentions even though in translation. The simile covers this moment in a different way than a factual report would: Here, one finds extreme dissonance as a modern reader. Works Cited Rieu, E. Once Homer fills that gap with a simile, the question disappears: One can imagining the stench of a dead seal, even the stench of a dead seal in noonday heat.

More prevalent however, are the extended similes that Homer has so brilliantly presented in this poem. A continued awareness of the open communication between poet and audience allows a closer approach to the artistry of Homer himself.

Each god was a multitude of imagery for the individual Greek mind just as a Christian today would think of a cross or crucifix at the idea of Christ. The presentation of each object is sufficiently detailed that it has been possible to find fragmentary yet often rather precise remains that parallel the verbal descriptions.

For such a discussion it is necessary to identify the major structural units in the Iliad and Odyssey. Once Homer fills that gap with a simile, the question disappears: This story falls into three segments: If an audience were to hear a telling of one of these events - 6 - without the other, they would find that each makes sense on its own but lacks the full import gained when they are juxtaposed.Aug 17,  · The Odyssey: Figures of Speech and the Use of Imagery.

Updated on October 7, Christine Patrice Gebera. more. Contact Author. The Odyssey Does Indeed use Metaphors.

Simile In Iliad Essay

It is frequently said, when critics speak of Homer, that he is “singularly lacking in metaphors” (Whitman, ). In contrast, there is a multitude of Reviews: 3.

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In the epic poem by Homer called the Iliad, Homers formula to gain the attention of the reader employs the continual use of similes and metaphors.

Being that the Iliad is an epic poem, it communicates to the reader the thoughts and messages that Homer wishes to convey. Simile in Iliad Limited Time Offer at Lots of!!!

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The continual use of similes and metaphors in the iliad by homer
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